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Monday 18th November 2013
Graham and his team from the BBC came along to film for a new programme 'Restoring England's Heritage', presented by the charming John Sergeant.
Sorry , I should say Dr John Sergeant, after his honourary doctorate awarded by the University of Lincoln.
As always the day was cold and wet - we dont seem to get any other kind of weather for these events, but a great time had by all.
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Saturday 12th October 2013
Janet Prescott was awarded her BEM at the Mill by the Lord-Lieutenant of Lincolnshire , Tony Worth.
The ceremony was attended by friends and family, with over 100 people braving a cold and wet afternoon to share in this very special occassion.



Monday 21st November 2011
The crane and cherry picker arrived at 7.30am and the first of the crowds started to gather outside the Mill to watch the big day. The morning was dull with fog shrouding most of the village but visibility around the Mill was good enough to proceed with the lift.
The first stock was lifted into position around 8am with it taking 2 1/2 hrs to complete the first 2 sails.
The second stock was much quicker with the whole job complete by 1.30pm.
Throughout the day we were live on Radio Lincolnshire, Tulip Radio and we had Amanda from Look North filming most of the afternoon.
The star of the show was the Millwright , Neil Medcalfe, who made the whole process look so easy.
Millwright - Neil Medcalfe making final adjustments to a sail.
121              122
First stock is lifted into position                                                Just like threading a needle!
157      175
Second sail being lifted                                                          Fixed into place
Janet Prescott(Project Manager), John Biggadike ( last miller), Neil Medcalfe ( millwright)
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Then there were 3                                                                     If you wait long enough you get 4
Over 250 people watched the sails being hoisted into position, school children from John Harrox school came to visit the site throughout the day to see history being made!
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Quality check on the shutter - dont think this one will get through, could be rejected.
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